Relax! Naturally!


We are a member-owned club. Our members are a representative cross-section of the population generally and include couples, families and single people, young and old. While the majority of people in the club are couples or families, we do have a number of single men and women.

Membership is open to any genuinely interested in nudism. All applications for membership are considered on their merit by our membership secretary and the club’s committee.


We have had a number of new people and families join in the past year, so if you are new to social nudism, you’ll be among friends.

If you are interested in making initial contact with our club, you can fill in this online Enquiry Form. The membership secretary may arrange to meet you at the Club or as agreed. Visits to the Club may follow, when you can confirm your interest in membership.


Further visits to the club provide you with an opportunity to get to know us and to show your commitment to the Club’s objectives. A membership application may follow and we will let our members know that you have applied to join. If your application is tentatively accepted, you will be asked to pay an application fee.


Once members get to know you, if you are then accepted into membership, you will be invited to pay the membership fee and become a member of the Club.


Membership Fees


Nomination fee:

(per family) $90


Annual membership fee:

(per adult) $170


Van sites:

Powered: $480 per annum

Unpowered: $350 per annum


Balance of the Sexes


We try to keep a reasonable balance of the sexes. This means there can be a waiting list for singles wishing to join the club.




Our constitution can be downloaded here.




Our by-laws can be downloaded here.


Nudist Etiquette


See Nudist Etiquette.